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Drag Artist Feeds
Subscribe to a performer's feed (like Twitter or Tumblr) and see all their Movies and Photos as they post them.
Send text messages directly to performers and they’ll text you back. Privately swap photos and videos with your favorite performers.
If a performer makes a video downloadable, you can download them to your hard drive. They’re yours to keep! Keep track of your purchases on a special section of our site.
Unique store items direct from performers to you! Literally buy the shirt of their backs! Own personal items from your favorite performers.
Text Messaging

Many performers have phone numbers listed so you can text them. You can send and receive private photos and videos with them. It's free to receive texts, and performers list their rates for photos and videos right on their profile page. Interact with performers like never before.

Drag Artist's Pages

Performers' Pages are the heart of DragFor.Fans. Similar to Twitter or Tumblr, performers post throughout the day. Their updates often have exclusive videos and photos you won't find anywhere else. You can comment and like posts, see a digest of all movies/photos (so you don't have to scroll endlessly through the page), and tip your favorite performer if you want!

Download Video Files

Many performers sell their videos in their store so you can download them. Just look on their 'Store' tab when you are on their profile page and see what they are selling.

Fan Stores

Under their 'Store' tab on their profile page, performers sell any number of things. If a performer is selling a product features in a movie, the products are listed under the movie itself, in addition to being in the Store tab. Buy the item and then chat with the performer to arrange shipping.

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